About Me

My enchantment is kayaking, walking near water, dancing, painting, sitting in hot springs, doing Pilates, teaching, coaching, and learning.  I feel better now than in my entire adult life.  My desired state is:  Surrender to Ecstatic Flow!

You’ll find me in a lake, in the mountains, in a Pilates studio, or sitting on my moon pod.  (I highly recommend moon pods!)

Deep gratitude to Jackie Kelm genius creator of Appreciative Living Coaching for helping me identify my desired state of Surrender to Ecstatic Flow and teaching me tools to reach it regularly; and to Elizabeth Gilbert for introducing me to my Enchantment during a workshop with Rob Bell on 10/31/20

Here I am following my Enchantment at Red Rocks.


This past year I’ve accomplished two things that I thought were impossible.  One is getting and keeping my inbox at 0.  Previously I had between 50,000-100,00 emails in my inbox and never deleted any emails.

Second, I have gotten rid of everything in my living space that I don’t use – and have kept spaces clear of clutter. Prior to this I had enormous amounts of everything – 38 boxes of books, incredible amounts of clothes, essential oils, bags, and papers which filled many many boxes and cabinets.  I come from a long line of savers and hoarders, and it has taken me over 25 years and a lot of help to get from clutter to flow.  It is incredibly liberating.

I’m working on a third thing which is to have no pain in my body.  I have a goal to have zero pain by the end of this summer.