New Offerings!

Design Your Destiny – A 4 sessions virtual course co-facilitated with Tracey McConnell.  This is open to anyone who is interested in exploring a four stage reflection to action process with others.

Participant Outcomes:

What Matters – Tap into what’s most important to you right now

Values – Clarify a world view of desired values

Inspiration – Take inspired actions that align with the values you most want to see expressed in the world.

Click HERE for more information about our last session.

Appreciative Living Circles – a 4 week virtual session designed to increase your brain’s resilience.  This curricula and format was designed by Jackie Kelm, author of The Joy of Appreciative Living.  I am a certified facilitator.  More information is available on this flyer.  Click HERE to download.

Movement Alchemy – a pilates inspired gentle movement session focused on micro movements that result in big shifts.  I am  offering free intro sessions at no cost.  More information is available on this flyer.  Click HERE to download.

If you are interested in taking my Gentle Pilates virtual 30 minute classes offered Saturday mornings at 11:00 am Mountain Time and Wednesday evenings at 6:oo pm Mountain Time, they are offered through the Pilates Collective.  You can register at the Pilates Collective Website, click HERE.