Cassandra O’Neill

Cassandra O’Neill, Leadership Alchemist

Alchemy is defined as “a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.”

We all know we are navigating extremely challenging times.  So much is changing all at once, and there is a lot of uncertainty about everything.

What better time to dig deep into your purpose, vision, and values? 

What better time to begin to chart a new course in this time of change, disruption, and a highly visible unmasking of social inequities?

What better time to explore what might only be possible… now?   

If you are excited about exploring how you can re-imagine and re-envision your life and our collective experience, I invite you to join me in several co-learning opportunities.

Click HERE to learn about and purchase a new video training I created called Advancing Equity through Collective Leadership.

In December, I am beyond excited to be co-facilitating a 3 month series with my brilliant colleague Tracey McConnell, called Design Your Day-estiny.  Email me at if you are interested in learning more about these offerings.  More information is also available on the Offerings page.

Leadership Alchemy — Blending the art and science of leadership … with a touch of magic.